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Bill Alves

William Alves, DMA, is a composer, writer and video artist. He has written extensively for conventional acoustic instruments, non-Western instruments (especially Indonesian gamelan) and electronic media, often integrated with abstract animation. Alves’ recorded works include The Terrain of Possibilities, Imbal-Imbalan, Mystic Canyon and Celestial Dance (DVD). He authored the textbook Music of the Peoples of […]

Arts, gender and science, History, History of medicine, History of physics, History of science, Humanities

Vivien Hamilton

Vivien Hamilton, PhD, is a modern science historian whose work focuses on questions of authority and trust in science. She is particularly interested in moments in which scientific experts with different educational and disciplinary backgrounds come together to collaborate on the same project. Hamilton’s research includes exploring the interaction between physics and the 19th century […]

Arts, Biodiversity, Environment, Environmental policy, Humanities, Political science, Sustainability

Paul Steinberg

Paul Steinberg, PhD, focuses his research and teaching on global environmental politics, with a special interest in biodiversity conservation and environmental policy in developing countries. He is interested in how different societies around the world respond to environmental problems. This is the subject of his new book, Comparative Environmental Politics, published by MIT Press. Steinberg’s previous […]

Arts, Ethics, Humanities, Philosophy, Political philosophy

Darryl Wright

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