Experts in Subject: Humanities

Abstract Cinema, Computer Music, Gamelan, Humanities, Multimedia, Music, Music Art, Music Composition, Tuning Systems

Bill Alves

William Alves, DMA, is a composer, writer and video artist. He has written extensively for conventional acoustic instruments, non-Western instruments (especially Indonesian gamelan) and electronic media, often integrated with abstract animation. Alves’ recorded works include The Terrain of Possibilities, Imbal-Imbalan, Mystic Canyon and Celestial Dance (DVD). He authored the textbook Music of the Peoples of […]

Cinema, Comparative Literature, Humanities, Latin America

Isabel Balseiro

Isabel Balseiro, PhD, Alexander and Adelaide Hixon Professor of Humanities, specializes in African and Latin American literatures, cinema from developing countries, postcolonial studies, translation theory and interdisciplinary approaches to literary culture. Balseiro is particularly interested in South African literature and culture. She is the editor of Running Towards Us: New Writing from South Africa (Heinmann, […]

Food Studies, History, History of US Ethnicity, Humanities, Immigration

Hal Barron.

Hal S. Barron, PhD, Louisa and Robert Miller Professor of Humanities, is an expert on U.S. social history, specializing in rural life. He has written or spoken about the history of agrarian society, the portrayal of rural life in American culture, citrus culture in California, the history of crossword puzzles, issues of immigration and ethnicity, and the […]

Humanities, Scientific Cultures, Sociology, Technology and Society, Zimbabwe Bush Pump

Marianne DeLaet

Marianne de Laet, PhD, is an anthropologist who specializes in the interactions of science, technology, society and culture. De Laet’s expertise is in the areas of knowledge/technology production, dissemination and transfer; organization and management of scientific collaborations; the material culture of knowledge-making practices; social theory; science and engineering education; and, the liberal arts. De Laet’s […]

Activism and Religion, American Religious History, Church and State, History, Humanities, Occult Religions, Pedagogy, Religion, Religion and science

Erika Dyson.

Erika W. Dyson, PhD, Willard W. Keith Jr. Fellow in the Humanities and Associate Professor of Religious Studies, specializes in American religious history, with an emphasis on science and religion. Dyson examines topics such as the interfaces between occult religions and technologies; intersections between social-change activism and religion; and American religious history. She teaches courses […]

Art, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Arts, Photography

Ken Fandell

Kenneth Fandell, MFA, the Michael G. and C. Jane Wilson Chair in Arts and the Humanities, specializes in photography and interdisciplinary arts. Fandell previously worked at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he served as chair of the Department of Photography and was known for teaching an eclectic range of courses, from Introductions […]

Humanities, Literature, Poetry, Printing, Shakespeare

Jeffrey Groves.

Jeffrey Groves, PhD, professor of literature, vice president and R. Michael Shanahan Dean of the Faculty, specializes in nineteenth-century American literature and the history of the book.  His research in particular examines nineteenth-century American printing and publishing history. Groves co-edited and contributed to two volumes in this area: Perspectives on American Book History and A History of the […]

Gender and Science, History, History of Medicine, History of Physics, History of Science, Humanities

Vivien Hamilton.

Vivien Hamilton, PhD, is a modern science historian whose work focuses on questions of authority and trust in science. She is particularly interested in moments in which scientific experts with different educational and disciplinary backgrounds come together to collaborate on the same project. Hamilton’s research includes exploring the interaction between physics and the 19th century […]

Animals, Animation, Art, Art and Science, Film, Humanities, Media, Primates, Special Effects

Rachel Mayeri.

Rachel Mayeri, MFA, is a Los Angeles-based artist working at the intersection of science and art. Her videos, installations, and writing projects explore topics ranging from the history of special effects to the human animal. Her multi-year project Primate Cinema explores the scientific and popular representations of the boundary between human and non-human primates in […]

Gender Studies, Human Geography, Humanities, Queer Studies, Sexuality Studies

David Seitz

David Seitz, PhD, is a cultural geographer who researches questions of citizenship, difference and affect. Sietz investigates how people form, or don’t form, community through space and seeks to open up scholarly, activist and public conversations about the emotional and spatial dimensions of conflicts over citizenship, race, class, gender, sexuality and religion. Seitz’s first book, A […]

Biodiversity, Environment, Environmental Policy, Humanities, Political Science, Sustainability

Paul Steinberg.

Paul Steinberg, PhD, Malcolm Lewis Professor of Sustainability and Society, focuses his research and teaching on global environmental politics, with a special interest in biodiversity conservation and environmental policy in developing countries. At the broadest level, he is interested in how different societies around the world respond to environmental problems. Steinberg’s latest book is Who Rules […]

Ethics, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Philosophy

Darryl Wright

Darryl Wright, PhD, professor of philosophy, specializes in moral and political philosophy and the history of ethics. Wright also teaches a course on ethical issues in science and engineering, including animal experimentation, genetic engineering, internet privacy, and the responsibility of engineers to foresee and prevent harm to others. Media Contact Media Appearances The Chronicle of Higher […]