Experts in Subject: Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Human-robot Interaction, Robotics

Professor Jim Boerkoel

Jim Boerkoel, PhD, specializes in human robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and interaction design—designing better human computer interactions. Boerkoel directs the Human Experience & Agent Teamwork Lab. The goal of the HEATLab is to develop techniques that augment humans’ own cognitive and physical abilities to create integrated human-agent teams that are more capable than their individual counterparts. […]

Computer Science, Computer Vision, CS Curriculum, CS Outreach, High School CS, Middle School CS, Robotics

Zach Dodds.

Zachary Dodds, PhD, Leonhard-Johnson-Rae Professor of Computer Science, researches robotic hand/eye coordination and computer vision-based robotics. He is interested in finding the best way to tell a robot what to do and ensure it gets done, using cameras as sensors. When a robot and a human are looking at the same thing, it isn’t obvious […]

Computer Science, High-speed Networking, K-12 Computer Science Education, Network Security

Mike Erlinger.

Michael Erlinger, PhD, researches computer networking and has worked extensively in the areas of network security and management, including: intrusion detection systems, intrusion alert formats, secure protocols, and integration of security systems into network management systems. Erlinger also researches K-12 computer science education and is passionate about increasing computer science awareness in youth. He co-directs […]

Computer Performance, Computer Science, Computer Storage, Hard Drives, Solid-state Disks

Geoff Kuenning.

Geoff Kuenning, PhD, researches file systems. His most visible project is the SNIA IOTTA Trace Repository, a compendium of trace data used by file systems researchers worldwide. Kuenning contributed to the development of a memory-based file system; a study of file size distributions; and a system for detecting insider misbehavior by observing file access patterns. […]

Computer Science, Literacy Education, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Julie Medero.

Julie Medero, PhD, researches natural language processing, machine learning and educational applications of language technology. Her research integrates ideas from computer science, linguistics, and electrical engineering to develop new applications of natural language processing to the area of literacy education. In particular, she is interested in how we can use signal processing and machine learning […]

Algorithmic Search, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Information Theory, Machine Learning

George Montanez

George D. Montañez, PhD, focuses his research at the intersection of machine learning, information theory and algorithmic search. He has worked on problems related to computational biology, spatio-temporal learning, cross-device search and the information properties of genetic algorithms. His current research explores why machine learning works from a search and dependence perspective, and identifies information […]

Compilers, Computer Science, Concurrency, Object Calculi, Programming Languages, Type Theory

Christopher Stone.

Christopher Stone, PhD, researches programming language theory and implementation. He is particularly interested in type systems for functional and object-oriented languages as well as the safety and correctness guarantees that type systems can provide. Stone has worked on the design and implementation of type systems for computer languages with advanced features such as extensible objects […]

Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Computer Games, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Image Processing

Elizabeth Sweedyk.

Elizabeth Sweedyk, PhD, specializes in the design, development and assessment of serious computer games, i.e. games that do more than simply entertain. Her work includes educational games, games for health, games that provide social critique and games as art. Sweedyk is passionate about increasing computer science awareness in youth and seeks to introduce younger students to […]

Computer Science, Crowdsourcing, Data Management, Databases

Beth Trushkowsky

Beth Trushkowsky, PhD, specializes in database systems and human computation, also known as crowdsourcing. Her current research focus is investigating using crowdsourcing within query processing systems such as a database management system to broaden the scope of questions users can ask about their data. Trushkowsky has also worked on scalable database systems and cloud computing, […]

Computer Science, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, Semantics

Ben Wiedermann.

Ben Wiedermann, PhD, wants to make it easier for more people to write good software. Wiedermann researches the design and implementation of programming languages and tools. He has designed programming constructs and tools that help programmers build efficient and extensible distributed applications, with a focus on applications that access a database. He also is interested […]

Computational Biology, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Evolution, Machine Learning

Jessica Wu

Yi-Chieh (Jessica) Wu, PhD, specializes in applying computational and mathematical techniques to biological problems. Currently, she develops evolutionary models and algorithms for reconstructing gene histories across multiple species. Such models help scientists understand differences within and across species, particularly in how genes form and function. Wu completed her PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science […]