Experts in Subject: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Human-robot Interaction, Robotics

Professor Jim Boerkoel

Jim Boerkoel, PhD, specializes in human robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and interaction design—designing better human computer interactions. Boerkoel directs the Human Experience & Agent Teamwork Lab. The goal of the HEATLab is to develop techniques that augment humans’ own cognitive and physical abilities to create integrated human-agent teams that are more capable than their individual counterparts. […]

Algorithmic Search, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Information Theory, Machine Learning

George Montanez

George D. Montañez, PhD, focuses his research at the intersection of machine learning, information theory and algorithmic search. He has worked on problems related to computational biology, spatio-temporal learning, cross-device search and the information properties of genetic algorithms. His current research explores why machine learning works from a search and dependence perspective, and identifies information […]